Adaptive Automation is a leader in
offline robotic programming services.

Offline Programming of industrial robots has become the most cost-effective way to create programs for a very large proportion of robotic applications. We’ve been using OLP in an automotive setting for well over a decade. We’re now seeing its adoption for smaller installations, and where new variants are introduced to existing production lines.

But getting good results in the minimum timeframe requires careful planning, being certain that your virtual world is as close as possible to the real world, and that you have ways to check every detail before loading the programs on site.

Adaptive gets results by

Using precise measurement techniques to align the simulation environment with the real facility. Learn More

Using the most best software for the job, such as Process Simulate, Robot Studio and RoboGuide. Learn More

Using auditing systems to check the validity of the programs produced. Learn More

Emulating complete systems in a Virtual Commissioning environment. Learn More