AdaptaPall is Adaptive Automation's suite of palletising software.


Development was driven by customer needs for a fast, flexible system for box palletisation: the resulting solution allows quick commissioning of multiple product types, and the flexibility to easily add new stacking patterns as new product lines are introduced.

Patterns are defined using a PC-based drag-and-drop application (AdaptaPall PC), and downloaded into the robot. Variations on these patterns can then be generated on the fly, based on box sizes read from a database, entered by an operator, or measured by a sensor.

If you don’t already have in-house robotics expertise, Adaptive Automation can help you extend your capabilities into robotic palletising.

Throughput up to 30 cases/minute

Single or multiple lines handled in one cell.

Rapid system commissioning by Adaptive Automation.

Pallet destacking and layer sheet handling options

Quick introduction of new stacking patterns using drag-and-drop configuration application.

Full customer training provided