Four Simulation Software Packages we use

Adaptive Automation uses the most appropriate software for each job. Based on our experience, the size of the job, the types of robots, and the data available, we choose from the following software in which we have expertise:

Siemens Process Simulate.

This is the big beast of simulation and offline programming. Designed for large projects (we’ve used it on installations of several hundred robots) and robots from multiple manufacturers Process Simulate is part of Siemens Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) suite. We have developed many add-ins for Process Simulate which streamline the process and make it faster, more efficient and more dependable, especially when managing large projects such as new automotive lines.

Tecnomatix RobCad

RobCad is a tried-and-trusted standard for offline programming. Tecnomatix was bought by Siemens who have incorporated a large amount of the technology into Process Simulate. Many users are treat RobCad as their dependable standard, but Siemens are focussing future development on Process Simulate. We have particular expertise in conversion of RobCad studies into Process Simulate format to take advantage of the more advanced features.

ABB Robot Studio

This is for robots manufactured by ABB, and allows the simulation engineer to use all the features of these robots including the excellent RAPID language. The complete system, including all path programs, logical instructions, configuration settings and operating system can be deployed to the real robot. Additionally, many PowerPacs are available for specific applications such as painting, welding and machine tending.

Fanuc RoboGuide

This again is for a single robot manufacturer, in this case well suited to the capabilities of Fanuc robots.