Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is a method to capture the 3D shape of an environment, with accuracies within a single scan of a few mm. In a robotic production environment, it is ideally suited to visually identifying differences between a virtual cell and the real equipment.

Laser scanners, in the first instance, create a point cloud, simply a list of the coordinates where an object has been detected (possibly with other information such as object colour). The point cloud may contain hundreds of millions of points, and be a little noisy.

What does Adaptive Automation offer?Faro Scanner

Adaptive Automation has experience in dealing with these large datasets, and applying processes which ultimately enable them to be imported into CAD packages for comparison with the nominal layout. This can highlight issues such as discrepancies in mounting of robots, robot tools, harnesses, jigs and pedestal-mounted equipment such as glue nozzles and static weld and rivet guns.