Sigmund Hardware

SigmundThe Sigmund device has been specifically developed to provide managers of welding facilities with the measurements needed to identify problems, improve efficiency and productivity – and to plan for the future, without having an impact on your time costs in the short term.

It is the fastest device of its type on the market and offers the benefit of auto updating and auto stop and alarm. The resulting measurements from Sigmund offer you the facts in real time, while offering full traceability on every piece of data and helping you to push forward continuing improvements for the future.

Sigmund features Adaptive’s patented technology – Hex30kTM – and uses 30,000 beams to locate the head within 50 microns in less than a second.

Using Sigmund, along with our wealth of expertise, we can help to improve your process stability; measure and analyse relevant variables in real time; and improve traceability, which will in turn strengthen quality systems. The result for you will be easier production planning, improved OEE and less WIP.

Developed by Adaptive Innovation