Simulation, Virtual Commissioning and Offline Programming

The advantages of carrying out robot work in a virtual environment have become so apparent in the last few years that, through customer demand, this area has become the core of our business.

We use the following packages to deliver robot programs and configuration files, ready to be loaded into real robots:

Process Simulate

Backed by Siemens, this large package supports robot systems from multiple vendors, and integrates with their Process Lifecycle Management suite. This allows the products to be designed, manufactured, tested and analysed in the same environment. In addition to facilitating path programming, Process Simulate has interfaces to real-world devices, such as PLCs, enabling the combined system to be tested (known as virtual commissioning).

ABB Robot Studio

Robot Studio facilitates the creation of all the programs and parameter files for ABB robots, and provides the most complete simulation of the internal operation of an ABB controller. Components such as sensors can be simulated, and interfaces exist to real-world devices such as PLCs.

Fanuc Roboguide

Robguide provides similar functionality to Robot Studio, but for Fanuc robots