Adaptive Automation provides a friendly, knowledgeable robotic consultancy service.

Adaptive Automation has extensive knowledge of the automation industry and close relationship with leading robot suppliers. This allows us to offer a Consultancy Service aimed at solving business challenges. We aim to achieve increased profitability and productivity with every client.

Adaptive Automation has a wealth of robotic automation experience in industries such as Automotive, Food, Medical, Chemical, Aerospace, Processing and Packaging. We can provide the robotics knowledge needed to correctly specify your process requirements and predict the true Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Due to Adaptive Automation's independence we can offer a straight-forward consultancy service, or progress and demonstrate designs through the use of 3D modelling and robotic process simulations. The benefits of this approach include:-

  • A perspective independent of particular robot manufacturers and systems integrators.
  • Clarity of concepts during the proposal and design process

Adaptive Automation also offers expertise in lean manufacturing techniques and industrial information technology for existing production facilities.