Offline Programming

Adaptive Automation focusses on producing high quality robot programs. We understand the importance of high reliability, the reality of challenging time frames, and the necessity to work to standards specified by our customers.

To ensure what we produce always meets these goals, we have invested in the best and most widely-used simulation software, and created our own customisations and add-ins to facilitate the process and audit the result.

For example, in order to ensure that our Process Simulate studies have identical layout to the existing lines which they model, these lines have been laser-tracked. The resulting measurement data is imported into Process Simulate which automatically finds the best fit alignment of the models. This removes large potential risk when using a model which does not reflect the facility as built.

Other examples include a tool to ensure that collision zoning is effective. We enhance the “Swept Volumes” feature of Process Simulate, to automatically create the volumes for each of the collision zones. This removes the doubt, and proves that the zones are defined correctly before the programs are sent to site.

We have also created tools to check all relevant aspects of the program against customer-defined standards.

In managing larger projects, we understand the realities of data handling, effective communications within and between organisations, and the importance of issuing complete, accurate, audited deliverables within tight time constraints.

For details of the customer standards with which we are familiar, see this article